Models of the ships that gave Marek Aksak titles world champion.
La Couronne

La Couronne 1:500

Mirnyj 1:400

Mirnyj 1:400

Golden Hind 1:250

Golden Hind 1:250

Passion for Life – aviation model – a collection of over 120 aircraft models , mostly in scale 1:72 .

See photo gallery of Aircraft’s

Of course, as a fan of military he made a number of tanks and ground vehicles.


See photo gallery of Vehicles

The collection also includes models of ships glued from plastic prefabricated (positions 1-4 ) , Le Soleil Royal on a scale of 1: xxx , and the model of the galleon San Juan Bautista parts of which were included to the magazine De Agostini Poland ” Galeon ” Marek tried his skils also build models of ships in a bottle Charles W.Morgan.


See photo gallery of Ships


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